Kindle is a fun, friendly group for girls aged 7 and up.

Come along and check us out.

Kindle is run by enthusiastic leaders who provide a programme that's fun, action packed and aims to meet the needs of girls in our local community. It is a place where girls can make new friends, play games, develop new skills, grow confidence, and learn about faith.

Every term explores a different theme. Parents can join in during the sessions if they want to, or can drop off and pick up at the end of the evening. It runs Monday fortnightly during term time at Kingston Community Church and costs $5 per term. Let us know if you need help with transport.

JUNIOR KINDLE is for ages seven to twelve - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

2019 WRAP UP

We have many faces at Kindle! One of our favourites is getting out as a team into the community and seeing how we can be of service.


We have visited Chiswick Park Rest Home to share a Christmas performance, did a lot of cutting up for Arohanui Hospice last year and here we are having a great time speed writing at Just Zilch our local food rescue service, just before Christmas!


Really looking forward to seeing everyone back with friends on 10 February 2020. Note our new day: Monday, same time: 6- 7.30pm.

Term 2 2019

Welcome back after the Easter holidays :) 


Resurrection garden winning gardener...well done Emily!

Term 1 2019

Our theme for the term was being courageous. We practiced

our new found courage by trying something new. Some of

church family offered to let us borrow their kayaks.

We had a fantastic summer family night paddling on the lagoon.

We also practiced feeling silly in front of others when we stand

up for what is right, by letting our Kindle friends decorate our silliest face!

Late 2018

The girls love learning Bible verses at Kindle.

One of their favourite ways to help them remember is to use actions.


Check out their creative versions of Isaiah 30:21 ("Eye-sigh-ahhh 3-2-1")

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice saying, “This is the road! Now follow it.  


Term 1 2018

Pancake flipping, pancake balancing, pancake cooking, pancake eating- what a way to start a new year of Kindle and to celebrate together before the beginning of Lent!

There was jam, there was syrup, there was lemon and sugar and icecream....and girls to cook and eat the pancakes!


This term we have focused on how we can be the good

news to others. We have been working through some

of World Vision's experience challenges in their Journey

to Easter series.

Kindle was transformed for a Princess Party.

Here are a few of our Kindle young ladies looking lovely on their throne.

Attitude of Gratitude !!!

Term 1 2017

Big people always tell us to mind our manners and say thank you. 


This term, the Kindle girls have been looking into answering the question "Why should we be thankful? We have explored the idea that its more about God than ourselves and our grumblings; that there are so many little blessings God gives us; that God provides all of our needs; that God has given us a great gift of his love and a way to be a part of God's family!

Here are some pics of the fun we had along the way.

Next term begins May 9th."

Check out our

cool new


October 2016

“We had to find our passports. When I looked inside of my passport I was a politician.”

“Everyone enjoyed it (except me and Hana). We were scared because there was scary

music and we had to escape. (I was very scared).”

“The girls’ house was high and thin, the boys one is low and nice. It just takes us 40 minutes.  I look around, the other’s house are wobbling and half finished. One group’s camp is made from newspaper taped together. I’m really proud of our house. When it’s time for us to go to bed, we put some cardboard on the floor because that’s not fair when you sleep on a blanket when others didn’t get any to cover when they’re cold. I found that was harder than I thought when I lied on the hard cardboard, the blanket was thin and hard. I have to tell you, that’s not comfortable at all. I never miss my warm, soft bed like that before.”

20 Hour famine refugee experience...

10-11 June 2016
April 2016 update...

Junior Kindle has been great in Term One! Some nights the car park has been etched with colourful chalk, saturated with water balloons, or packed with props and people engaged in industrious activity. Games have seen the girls tangled, tricked, taught, tortured and tummy-filled all in good fun, and no doubt Sunday cleaning has turned up the long lost remains of some of our scavenger hunt puzzle pieces and ‘hidden scripture’ games.

The girl’s journey so far has seen them discover some pretty amazing things in creation: a ballistic missile shrimp; a crab taller than a person; an eye opening idea of how big and how far away the sun is; what makes earth special in the universe; and even how you can take a rocket ship to the foot of the cross!

A wonderful bunch of girls and a small but pretty fantastic pack of parents and helpers make every week of Kindle a very special time of being together.

Term Two is all about friendship, so there is no better time to spread the word or come along.  We meet every two weeks on Tuesdays starting 10th of May. See you there.

“Kindle’s awesome, Kindle is great! We play fun games.” – Sophie


“There are many cool ideas” – Minh

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