In his letter, James is concerned about Christians living as Christ. He is concerned about us having genuine faith in actions. Through James 1:18-27, Ross introduced us to Delusional Dave and Genuine Geoff. He asked us what our response is to the Word of God.

Delusional Dave

· All talk

· Merely listens to the Bible

· Deceived about his spiritual state

· What he does is worthless

Genuine Geoff

· Person of action

· Listens and obeys the Word

· Blessed in all he does

· The way he lives is acceptable to God.

We are called to obedience, not to gain God’s favour, but because we belong to Jesus.

Where are you at?

James provides us this passage these tests for us, unless we are deceived.

What place does the Word of God have in our lives?

Do we humble accept God’s Word into our lives and allow it transform us?

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