Our continuing series in James saw us focused on James 1:1-18 last Sunday. Ross asked us to consider what our response is to trials, to tough times? Do we have the right response?

OUR TRIALS: GOD’s PURPOSE - Testing and trials have purpose. They are there to grow, shape us, make us more mature and complete. Testing is to prove the genuineness of our faith and for perseverance. Tests are not temptations, but tests can bring temptation.

OUR TRIALS: GOD’s PROVISION - We need God’s wisdom and provision to persevere tests. They are there as a reminder that we are not self sufficient , but need to look to God. The trials in life are to keep us on our knees seeking God. We need to be askers.

OUR TRIALS: GOD’s PROMISE - God keeps His promises. We are promised the crown of life, the eternal life we receive. A life full and abundant. In glory we will be perfect with out sin. Our part is to persevere, cling to Christ.

So how are you going to handle the trials of life?

· We are to regularly ask for wisdom as we seek God.

· We need to keep coming back to the grace of God.

· We need to humbly come back to God and fall on His grace, ask for His grace.

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