Last week we explored what James has to say about faith and works. We are saved by faith in Jesus Christ alone but our faith is made visible in a life of good works.

Genuine saving faith – In Christ alone

We need saving! The Bible is very clear, we are saved by faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Believing that when Jesus died on the cross, he died in my place as my substitute, paying my sin-debt and trust in him alone to save me from sin’s consequences.

Genuine saving Faith – Results in Works

The person with genuine faith believes in God and then allows that to influence and effect the way he acts. James tells us that it is faith outworked or revealed through works that makes righteousness visible.

Works – Genuine Faith made Visible

Our faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ at the moment we believe is complete for the purpose of salvation. James is also speaking about a complementary truth. Faith is designed to be revealed in its fullness by being an active, living, working faith. Works.

Do you actively outwork, reveal your faith?

Is their fruit from your faith that reveals Christ?

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