Peter & Karen Brooks introduced us last week to the wide reaching impact of mission in India via the work of CMCT [Christian Missions Charitable Trust].

Their works of compassion has given great opportunity for sharing the gospel. Christs love motivates them to love others. We were encouraged to consider what motivates us to sharing Christ’s love [2 Corinthians 5:10-11].

Even within our own communities there are people in great need. Are we becoming hard hearted? Our heart attitude is to be the same as that of the example of Jesus Christ, showing compassion to others through word and deed [Matthew 9:35-39]. The gospel is proclamation and action. It is word and deed. It is the gospel of what Jesus said and what Jesus does.

We all need a Saviour. We have been sent as Christ’s witnesses in this world. We should not be overwhelmed by this task as the Holy Spirit empowers us.

Peter and Karen challenged us to consider…

Am I really wanting to see God’s Kingdom come?

What part do I play in all this?

If you would like to know more about CMCT you can do access it online at…

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