We took the time to review our learning so far from the life of Joseph.

Now you might know Joseph as the guy who got the multi-colour coat from his father.

He also had a series of dreams from God. A dream about his brothers sheaves of wheat bowing to his sheaf of wheat.

He also dreamed of the sun, moon and eleven stars bowing down to him.

These dreams were from God. In our series we are seeing Joseph is faithfully fulfilling God’s dream.

God says to us: be a part of my dream, my plan, my intervention in this world in which you live. Live God’s Dream.

Josephs brothers were angry and jealous of him and so sold him into slavery. He ended up in Egypt, serving in Potiphar’s house.

Now Potiphar’s wife took an inappropriate interest in Joseph.

Joseph had to deal with the temptation that this offered.

Joseph dealt with temptation by recognising clear boundaries, refusing to sin, repetitively resisting, and running from sin.

Unfortunately, his faithfulness to God found him put in prison.

While there he found himself being used by God to pass on the interpretation of dreams that God had given a couple of prisoners.

The cup-bearer of the king dreamed of a grape vine that grew ripened grapes that he used to squeeze into a cup for Pharaoh. A dream that meant he would be restored into the position of Pharaohs cup-bearer.


Then there was the chief baker who had a dream of 3 baskets of bread on his head, but the birds were eating all the goodies. A dream that meant he would be killed by Pharaoh.

This showed how God was with Joseph and Joseph was faithful in partnership with God. It is God's will that in all circumstances (the good, bad and ugly) we should still happily do the will of God.


Joseph even was used by God to pass on the interpretation of dreams that God had given Pharaoh. A series of dreams that included cows and heads of grain. A dream that warned of 7 years of great abundance followed by 7 years of famine.

This saw Joseph appointed in charge of the whole land of Egypt. An amazing leadership role.

And we learned that the key to wise Christian leadership (and success in the Christian life) is a strong, deep, personal relationship with God.