On Sunday we had the privellege and joy to be led by our children and youth in our annual Family Christmas Service.

They clearly shared the truth about the purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ to Earth.

Kerry then unpacked one of the passages that the younger ones had shared. Isaiah 9:6

A verse that talks about the one God promised would come to save us - Jesus Christ - the baby in a manger.

For to us…

Jesus was born in Bethlehem to Joseph and Mary for us. To all of humanity. For you and me.

...a child is born…

Jesus was born, born as a human. He was a real boy. It isn’t just a Christmas story, this is real. And it was essential that he was born human, because he had come to save humanity by taking the consequences of our sin. us a son is given…

Jesus was a son. Son of God and Son of Man

  • Son of God because he was fully God.

  • Son of Man because he was fully human.

And Jesus, this little baby was given to us. It was the most generous gift to all of humanity. To you and me.

John 3:16 says…

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son…”

Jesus came as a gift, and as with any gift, we have to choose to accept or to ignore the gift.

...and the government shall be upon his shoulder…

This little baby born, Jesus, was coming as a king. He is the only one who can be the true leader and king of all humanity. He is able to bear the weight and responsibility of being king of this world. As creator of this world, Jesus is King over all his creation.

...and his name shall be called…

Everyone has a name. Jesus had many names, names that were used to describe his nature and character. What he was truly like.

...Wonderful Counsellor…

This baby was born exceptional. There has been and will be no other child born like Jesus. This was to be revealed as he grew. At age 12 he was teaching adults about the one true God. Jesus is a wonderful counsellor. Worth listening to, as he is wise and authoritative. He speaks truth.

...Mighty God…

Why is he so exceptional? Because Jesus, this baby born, is God - the all-powerful, all knowing, one true God.

...Everlasting Father…

Although Jesus was born some 2000 years ago, he is eternal. He is the "from-everlasting-to-everlasting". That means Jesus has always been and will always be. He chose to come to earth to be born as a baby and live for 30 odd years. But that was not where it started and that is not where it ends. Jesus is eternal.

...Prince of Peace.

Jesus, this baby born, is the prince of peace because it is only by Jesus that we can have peace with God. Jesus is the only way to solve the issue we are born with – we are enemies of God.

What an amazing verse. So remember, Jesus is more than a baby in a manger!

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