REVELATION - Ephesians 1:7-23

What is revelation and why is it an important concept for Christianity?

Revelation is related to the word ‘Reveal’, making something known which has been secret.

Paul prayed for the Ephesian church regularly. In Ephesians 1, one of the things he prayed is that they would have revelation of the knowledge about God and His love for them.

Note, he did not pray for the believers to have more power. Paul is praying for the believers to have more revelation not information.

Gods primary means of communicating with us is through the bible and that isn't changing. But it is important to understand that knowing about God is not the same thing as knowing God.

Revelation is a gift by God – A deeper understanding and truth than simply the words we read. So is there anything we can do to get revelation? Or be more likely to receive it?

BECOME CHILDLIKE... Matthew 11: 25 – 27 Simplicity and humility of heart helps qualify a person to hear from God, while the desire to be profound is a wasted desire. What many discover after years of teaching, is that the word that is simple is often the most profound.


John 7:17 The willingness to obey attracts revelation, because God is the ultimate steward, investing His treasures into fertile ground – the surrendered heart.


Living by faith in my present assignment makes me ready for more. Notice that the light of the gospel comes to the person who believes. Revelation comes to the one expressing faith! Live with the understanding that God has already willed to give you His mysteries (Matthew 13:11), and ask accordingly. Then thank Him in advance.


Cultivate prayer and meditation. If we’re mostly reading commentaries, or other people talking about God and the bible, we may be being distracted from God himself speaking to us directly from His Word.

It’s not revelation itself we’re seeking. Not just the experience or the feeling you’ve been let into some secret - ‘Open the eyes to my heart’ . It’s God – knowing Him more.

I want to see you . We should seek it – Seek him out.

Paul is praying for other people. Maybe we should put more energy into asking God to reveal Himself to others – our partners, our kids, people around us that know Him and don’t know Him – be generous.

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