Last week Ross asked us to fill in the blank for this sentence…

If I had ____________________, then I would really have life.

Whatever fills the blank, and it’s not Jesus, then it is for you something better than Jesus, and above Jesus. But it’s a lie. That blank has become our idol.

Today I’d like to ask you to fill in the blank in this sentence…

If I had ____________________, then I would be truly satisfied.

What do people in this world fill the blank with? What do they seek satisfaction in? What truly satisfies?

We have seen so far in our series that Jesus has come to bring life - life that satisfies.

In our passage today we are going to meet three sets of people who Jesus interacts with…

  • Woman at the Well

  • Disciples

  • A group of Samaritan locals

Each interaction teaches us about who Jesus is and what he has come to do. What type of life he brings. True satisfaction.

Read John 4:1-42

The first person we meet is the woman at the well.

Woman at The Well – The Gift of Living Water

John 4:1-26

We see in this passage, Jesus purposefully travelling through Samaria, taking a seat at Jacob’s well and being joined there by a Samaritan woman.

Asking for a drink (vs. 7), Jesus is asking her to help him quench a physical need, but goes on to reveal the deep spiritual need that this woman has, the deep spiritual need we all have, that only Jesus can quench.

He offers her living water (vs. 10).

And just like we saw with Nicodemus in John 3, she takes Jesus literally (vs. 11-12)

But the water that Jesus is offering is unique. It isn’t from a physical well. Jesus is not speaking of actual water, but of the salvation which He brings. Jesus is the giver of this living water. Jesus is the Messiah, the Saviour, Christ!

And Jesus continues by leading her to understand why she needs this living water. A water that won’t permanently satisfy her physical thirst, but a water that will cleanse her of sin. That will satisfy her deepest need, our deepest need.

Jesus reveals her sin (vs. 16-18). Nothing is hidden from Jesus. Why reveal her sin? To again reveal her need for the living water. Before you can drink the living water of salvation, you have to acknowledge or confess to God that you’re a sinner. He seeks to expose our deep thirst. He seeks to expose those things which we drink that aren’t satisfying.

This woman had possibly been seeking satisfaction in looking for love, five times. Looking for satisfaction in relationships.

We all seek satisfaction in many ways - relationships, multiple relationships, money, power, influence, fantasy, friendships, success.

But none of these truly satisfies. True satisfaction is only found in Jesus Christ who gives living water. Soul satisfaction.

So what does Jesus reveal to us about this living water?

  • It’s the gift of God (vs.10). It is a gift, not something we can earn or purchase or even find on our own accord. It is a gift from God.

  • It’s living water (vs. 10). It brings life. True life.

  • If you drink it, you never thirst again (vs. 14). It’s always there to satisfy you. It is satisfaction for eternity.

  • This water becomes a spring — a well of water (vs. 14) One true drink produces a well for an eternity of drinks. An eternity of satisfaction.

  • This water gives eternal life (vs. 14) Eternal life – knowing God for an eternity.

Jesus gives life that truly satisfies - living water. Salvation that is a gift from God that gives souls satisfaction for an eternity.

Do you know? Have you experienced this gift of living water? Salvation?

If not, taste and drink the living water, salvation, that Jesus offers - Jesus Christ as King of your life.

If you have, praise God in the satisfaction he has provided. Life. Soul satisfaction. True life that comes from receiving Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives.

The second group we meet are the disciples.

Disciples – Share in the Harvest

John 4:27-38

Jesus' disciples return to find him talking to an unknown woman. One of their concerns is that Jesus eat something and so they encouraged him to eat (vs. 31).

Jesus reaction reveals that he is more than human.

Like Nicodemus and the woman at the well, they take Jesus literally.

But the food that Jesus is talking about isn’t from a local market, it isn’t physical food. It’s not that Jesus doesn’t need physical food, but He’s talking about food that satisfies, food that is even greater. He is talking about food for the soul. Eternal nourishment.

His food, his satisfaction, came from doing what God the Father had sent him to do.

Jesus’ food is to give eternal life. Jesus gives life because He is life. Jesus food is to be what he is, and he is life. I don’t just eat food. I am the food. I don’t get life. I give life. I am the food that truly satisfies. It will satisfy you and satisfy your soul as you feed upon the will of God.

The work of God comes first. The work of God satisfies.

Jesus truly satisfies.