NAOMI - The Book of Ruth

The following are the PowerPoint notes from the related Sunday message...

Effect of serious change

  • Naomi on hard times – famine

  • Bad to worse – husband , soulmate and breadwinner dies

  • And worse still – both sons die soon after married

  • Naomi heads back to own town – in her own eyes a nothing; empty of hope and bitter

A new turn

  • Daughter - in - law(Ruth) asks “can I go gleaning?”

  • In evening Naomi asks “where did you get all that?”

  • Naomi responds “God has not left off showing his kindness to living and dead”

  • Adding “That man (Boaz) is one of our kinsman- redeemers”

Step of faith

  • Naomi appeals through Ruth for kinsman - redeemer to fulfil obligation

  • “How did it go?”

  • Boaz said “I will buy your land and I will marry you. I swear before God I will do it; and I will do it immediately!”


  • Land is redeemed, Daughter – in - law married and presently bears a son

  • Naomi raises this , her grandson, to the blessing of all the women

  • “Praise the Lord who has not left you without a kinsman-redeemer. May this boy become famous throughout Israel.”

  • Grandson becomes grandfather of King David

Whatever the situation people of God find themselves in God has provided a deliverance, which if taken , both blesses and brings them into God’s eternal purpose.


He who did not spare his own Son , but gave him up for us all –how will he not also , along with him, graciously give us all things? (Rom 8:32)

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