CHOOSE WISDOM - Proverbs 8

Election time is decision time.

Which party gets the tick.

We have seen hard campaigning, policies, debates and adverts. They all want your vote. Many parties but you can only vote for one. As you stand in the polling booth any wavering has to stop. You have to make the choice. Make the tick.

Chapters 1-9 of Proverbs are like a hard fought campaign for your heart. Is it vote wisdom or is going to be vote folly?

In Chapter 9, both wisdom and folly have same invitation. Come join us, come aboard our party. But with one there is life and with folly death. Proverbs message is vote wisdom!

Chapter 8 is like the summary or closing statement of a lengthy debate of “why choose wisdom”. Why give your vote to wisdom!

Wisdom's key campaign statements are:

  • vs.4-5 Wisdom is for all people - The foolish, ones lacking sense, are the very ones to choose wisdom. There is no elitism. Far from being excluded the foolish are urged to get on board to leave their foolish ways behind.

  • vs.6-9 Wisdom is reliable and sound, full confidence - trustworthy, right, true, just- not crooked

  • vs.10-11 Wisdom is highly valuable - up there with oxygen and food and water- choose it instead of new iPhone X, better than choice's Aston Martin. More precious than rubies. What do you desire materially? (vs.7) Whatever it is, does not compare in value and worth to wisdom.

Choose wisdom!

What is involved in choosing wisdom, wisdom with its foundation being the fear of the Lord?

Choosing wisdom- listen, accept , keep it in our heart to guard our heart.

What do we do with a sermon we heard last week on adultery?

  • Not turn up to avoid it, or ignore it’s message - not my problem, won’t affect me- “being wise in our own eyes- foolish” not choosing wisdom. Person thinks they can stand beware lest they fall.

  • Listen to it- heard that message- tick- now move on. Limited use

  • Do we go over it again- take notes, read it on line, think through key points: What leads to adultery? We are simple lacking sense- not that smart at life; We go looking for it, We are seduced; we form adulterous habits. Think them over, pray. Consider other areas of life weakness. And importantly read, re-read chapters 5-7. In prayer asking God for further understanding and accept it as true. Ask for it to reveal weakness , sin, blind-spots to deal to. Then have opportunities to further talk with others about it- small groups. Choosing wisdom. Whoever walks with the wise and become wise, 13:20.

Choosing wisdom includes walking with the wise.

Choosing people to learn from.

V14 “Counsel and sound judgement are mine.” “I possess good advice and competence…”

Choose wisdom at the crossroads

In our decision making – house buying, marriage, Career , career change??

Do we Stop and seek God.

Where fools rush in! phrase alludes to inexperienced or rash people attempting things that more experienced people avoid – inexperienced or rash people when leave no room to pray, leave no room for God to close doors/ open doors. Pray after the fact- please bless this decision made.

Choose wisdom for sound decision making. Consistent with God’s word, in align with truth of Scripture.

Are you on board with gaining wisdom and understanding- not too sure.

Listen, listen…listen 3 x in last 4 verses. Wisdom calling loudly, raising her voice, calling out…get wisdom, set your heart on it.

But if it is so good, so right and true and valuable, why is there this repeated to call to listen and seek, gain and find wisdom, are people reluctant to get on board?

Do we really want wisdom?

V 20 Wisdom walks in the way of righteousness, along the paths of justice.

Bruce Waltke defines righteousness as...

Disadvantage ourselves to advantage others.

This stands in contrast to the world which says disadvantage others to advantage ourselves.

If that is the direction wisdom leads me, path to walk- disadvantage myself to advantage others- not sure I really want that. Not so confident about this. So we have to admit that way of living in proverbs can make us reluctant to really commit to it. But it is the way of life.

One sentence: V35-36 For those who find me find life and receive favour from the Lord.

If you choose to seek wisdom vs 17 you will find it “those seek me find me.”

Help me Lord to desire this. It is a work of God’s grace in our hearts that we want to get on board with living his way.

These truths points to what we read in John, speaking of Jesus –the Word of God- in him was life,

Where would we be without Jesus Christ who disadvantaged himself so that we might eternally be advantaged – undeserved.

To choose wisdom is to Choose Jesus Christ. He is our wisdom.

Find Jesus, find life and receive favour from the Lord. Fail to turn to Christ- remain in death.

To choose wisdom is to Choose Jesus Christ. He is our wisdom.

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