The Psalmist is prayer for help. "Save O Lord!" For God to intervene… Why?

For David there have been some very concerning disappearances…certain people have vanished – who people faithful to Lord God, community of godly people are hard to find.

These are people, whose light for God is not well visible. Are they simply hiding their faith from society- afraid to proclaim their God and Saviour? Is society become too oppressive, too assaulting for them? Or have their lives strayed from God’s way to the point of becoming indistinguishable from rest of human kind?

David makes a distinction between

i) faithful people of God and...

ii) children of man- human race.

People of God are called out from humanity- to be a new people- a people for God.

Remember salvation is much more than my sin is forgiven, my guilt is taken away [Fantastic!!] but forgiveness and guilt gone- to be a people belonging to God.

1 Peter : but you are a chosen race, royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God- for God’s own possession- belonging to God.

We are to be faithful to that calling. To hold fast to God’s way for us to live.

This Church is called by Jesus to remain faithful to Him- not short-term, not just when conditions are favourable to being faithful.

To Smyrna- going to suffer and face adversity-be faithful unto death (martyrdom), [be faithful unto accusations, be faithful unto any lesser adversity]

To Pergamum- yet you hold fast my name and you did not deny your faith in me

To Thyatira- hold fast what you have [ Jesus] until I come

To Sardis- you’re dead- yet you still have some who have not soiled their garments

To Philadelphia- I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.

Will this church still be faithful to Jesus Christ in 20- 50 yrs time. Some don’t- become religious social gatherings with no love for God, ? even if God exists. No obedience to Christ, no faith in Him.

Tough being a Christian …This is because the…

  • Surrounding culture/ society is hazardous to God’s people- hazardous to being faithful.

V2-4 Lying , deception, hypocrisy, pride- living life without God; making a go of it, without thanking Him, acknowledging him looking to him- boasting and arrogant v4 “who is master over us?”

This is wickedness in God’s eyes – it doesn’t have to make frontline news to be wicked- house of horrors or vulgar actions are reported. Everyday people you and me. “on every side the wicked prowl-

Vs 8 “Vileness is exalted among human kind”- NOT vileness is tolerated, not vileness exists, but vileness is exalted- honoured, proud of it- this is right, this is good.

When the people of God are surrounded by it, hear it, watch it, read it - temptation is to stray from God.

This is hazardous for the people of God- hazardous to remaining faithful

Piligrim’s progress- find the way hard- see alternative by-pass meadow- >leads to giant despair.

The people of God are hurt by it, confused by it- it’s seems more safe to mix with the crowd.

Answer is not to double/ treble our efforts at faithfulness…

Response: we don’t look within and muster up faithfulness. Note David doesn’t say “I will do this, I’m going to get this right.”

David’s action is to give himself to prayer- help, save O Lord !

The One who says “I will do something about this”… is God. It is always God who must intervene with his goodness, wisdom, power and timing – all for his glory.

Vs 5 “I will now arise…” God hears the plea for help. God will intervene.

Hebrew salves in Exodus- I have heard their cries and I have come down to deliver them.

Blind bartimeaus – Jesus have mercy in me- Jesus makes him see

Mary and Marth- come Lord, Lazarus is ill.

God responds to the cry of his people and intervenes , the cry for help by David.

God will do what specifically? I will arise and protect them from those who malign them.

…in what way. Ultimately in Rom 8- nothing can separate us from love of God. We are more than conquerors…through Christ.

Jesus Christ is the faithful One, faithful to what his father called him to- he did not stray from the track his Father asked him to walk. He was faithful unto death- death of cross, so that we who belong to him can be the faithful of God. He sends the Holy Spirit who produces in us the fruit which includes faithfulness.

God faithful to his word- when everyone is full of lies and deceptive speech, saying one thing and doing another; God’s word of promise is pure, perfectly pure- reliable. He is faithful.

God is faithful to his promise, David confidently proclaims God will keep and guard his people from the surrounding generation. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, great is thy faithfulness.

May God help us.

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