The people want to see Jesus.

He is the talk of the town. There have been many previous Passovers, but this one has a certain hum. Jesus, the man from Nazareth, recently raised a dead man to life. News is spreading. People are eager to go out and meet him. Crowds hear he’s coming to Jerusalem. So they lay palm branches and honour him, this one who raised a dead man to life.

Surely this is Jesus defining moment, his moment of glory.

He turned water into wine, he feed more than 5,000 people, made a man born blind see for the very first time. All these wonderful miracles, with the ultimate glory, bringing Lazarus back from the dead. No wonder the eager crowds cry out v9-13“Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord- the king of Israel.” as Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Surely this is his moment of glory. It can’t get better than this. He must be glorified in all this. Even Greeks, have heard and want to see Jesus. This is the Jesus to see and meet. Raised dead man to life.

Who is the Jesus they want to see? Miracle man, the one who raises the dead.

We sing “Open the eye of my hear Lord I want to see you…” What are expecting to see? How do you perceive Jesus? Miracle worker, teacher? What does Jesus want people to see of him?


Jesus reply vs 23-24 Now the Son of man is glorified…

If a seed dies it produces many seeds.

Jesus wants us to see and meet him as the one who lays down his life for God’s glory.

Throughout John so far (1-11), Jesus hour had not yet come, his time is not yet.

But now is the hour for the Son of Man to be glorified and he’s not referring to what has past but is what is about to happen, his death on the cross, followed by resurrection and exaltation.

Immediately He explains.

A seed must die to produce many seeds, that is it's purpose. We have different uses for seeds, craft, spices for cooking. But from a plant’s perspective, a seed is not to remain a seed. It’s purpose is to die to bring forth a plant and many more seeds.

The seed must die to produce many seeds. Life through death,

Many people have died as consequence of saving someone. Death was not necessary to save but was the horrible outcome in saving someone else.

Jesus, like the single seed must die to bring life for us. His death is not the consequence of our rescue. It is our very salvation.

The glory of the cross, the death of the Son of Man sent by God for the salvation of many, this is his crowning glory, the jewel in the crown.

Salvation of God for his people , for the display of glory of God, achieved by his own death.

Our salvation but for God’s glory.

Psalm 79:9, Isaiah 48:9-11; Psalm 106:8.

Now at this time God himself in Christ will not spare his own life but die…

Jesus’ agenda is for the GLORY OF GOD above all else.

What do we pray when we are deeply troubled and distressed? Pray for relief, for deliverance, “save me from this turmoil.” It is not wrong to pray that. Psalmists repeatedly seek God’s intervention.

But there is a deeper prayer… a deeper desire. Father be glorified in my life, in my hardship. Lord my soul is deeply troubled- glorify your name.

I know some here have been in the situation of being informed a loved one has only days to live. Throughout this whole chapter, in different ways, it speaks of Jesus imminent death- just a few days time. Jesus is fully aware of that.

So the turmoil for Jesus is real- he is human. The pain and agony will be horrific. Therein is the reality. The horror of what he is to face is what his Father has called him to -for the glory of God.

[v 27-28a] Jesus agenda, the desire of Jesus above all else is the glory of God.

“The glory of God’s name is of greater importance than the relief of my troubled soul”.

Jesus in v27 and 28 is not saying “get me out of this” but rather Father “get glory from this”

This is the Jesus to see and meet. He not only dies, but is dying for the glory of His Father.

Father get glory as I obey your will. Father, be glorified as the great God of grace and salvation when I, the one you sent, bleed and suffer, to draw many people into our kingdom.

The glory of God above all else is throughout Scripture, but often we miss it. Why, because we look for what the Bible says about me and what God does for me.

Our great sin, Rom 1, is exchange the glory of God for created things.

But Jesus prayer is what he wants for His Father.

Jesus is caught up into something far greater than even his troubled soul.

We can pray like Paul to have thorns removed, but even Paul sought that God’s strength shine through Paul’s persisting weakness. Living in weakness for the Glory of God.

When our soul is troubled- there is more than one prayer…”save me, help me”…but also “Lord glorify your name.”

Orientate ourselves to a God–centred agenda, Not a “God exists for me” agenda.

Jesus’ disciples live and die to Glory of God above all else.

[V25-26] Whoever serves me must follow me.

In V25 the way of Jesus’ disciples is “anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” The seed that is willing to die to produce fruit. Die to self-preservation, die to self-determined life.

Live for and worship Christ in this world.