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The KCC Care Group Ministry is grounded in a Theology of Community. We are created for community and this is the main driver of our small group ministry.

Our vision is to be a church "of” small groups that is seeking to minister the love of Christ to one another in attitude and action through small group communities.

Our model of care group ministry seeks to be led by God, overseen by the leadership at KCC, and an aspect of body life. There is a strong emphasis on our small group community having clear purpose, flexibility and variety to meet need, while under the plurality of gifted and equipped leadership.

We have a range of care groups running that are for all ages, stages and walks of life. They range from discipleship Groups, Cell Groups, Bible Study Groups, Care Groups, Fellowship Groups, Ministry Groups and more. 

Contact Kerry: 0224392507


  • Mums Group   10:30am-11:30am (Contact Raewyn for more details)

  • Monday Night Care Group #1    7:30pm -9:00pm (Contact Joel & Emily for details)

  • Monday Night Care Group #2     7:30pm -9:00pm (Contact Joel & Teri for details)

  • Monday Night Care Group #3     7:00pm -8:30pm (Contact Grant & Tara for details)


  • Tuesday Evening Group     6:30pm-8:00pm (Contact Neil & Jean for details)


  • Wednesday Night Men's Group    7:30pm-9:00pm (Contact Ross for details)

  • Wednesday Care Group     7:30pm-9:00pm (Contact Kerry & Aliza for details)


  • Thursday Men's Prayer Group   9:30am @ KCC (Contact Ron for details)

  • Thursday Night Small Group    7:15pm-9:00pm (Contact Darrin & Sherilyn for details)


  • Seekers Afternoon Group     2:30pm onwards (Contact Dave Early for details)

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