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Over the next few Monday Musing emails, we’re going to focus on prayer.

I don’t know how you would describe your prayer life. For many of us it isn’t a lack of prayer but maybe too little prayer, or a lack of balance in prayer.

Prayer is an essential element in the life of a Christian. In the same way that breathing is necessary for everything we do, prayer is like oxygen for the Christian.

We can tend to treat prayer like a medicine. We use it when we want to get rid of something unwanted. But once the issue is gone, we stop using it as much.

So, what is prayer?

One writer summarised prayer as “calling on God to come through on his promises.” The first example of this is found in GENESIS 4:26.

“At that time people began to c

all on the name of the LORD.”

They began to make an appeal to the very nature and character of God. They cried out for God to bring about the things he had promised. Prayer is finding a hope in who God is and the assurance of his plans an