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Across these three chapters Jesus converses with a wide range of people; inviting them to see reality at a deeper level or with a Kingdom perspective.


Jesus invites his followers to a Kingdom mindset, Kingdom values, and into the life of the Kingdom. He is at the centre of this reality as King, and we are called to obedience.

LUKE 9:51-10:24

As Jesus turns toward Jerusalem, He seeks to make the unfamiliar, familiar. He seeks to reveal Kingdom programme, priorities, requirements and rejoicing. 

LUKE 10:24-37

Jesus again is shaping a Kingdom perspective as he emphasises the heart of the law, not the letter of the law. The importance of obedience over knowledge.  

LUKE 10:38-11:13

Jesus reveals to us through conversations, parable and teaching, that living under the King means...

  • Abiding in the King

  • Asking of the King

  • Receiving from the King

LUKE 11:14-54

While the Jews demanded signs and the Geeks demanded reason, Jesus provides a Kingdom perspective. He pushes back on those who do things by half-means. To be a Kingdom person is to be wholehearted for God.

LUKE 12:1-34

We are influenced by what we consume, and no one is void of the influence of the culture around us. Jesus warns his disciples about hypocrisy, greed and worry as he presents a kingdom perspective that invites us to live with confidence, to be rich toward God, and invest in his kingdom. An invitation to go deeper and higher in Christ. 

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